Dec 15 2008

Canada’s Political Crisis Centre. Please Hold

Excellent roundup from my old friend at Prairie Topiary on the stilled political chaos in Canada’s capital. A bit of a different slant than I’ve got, but what the heck, we’re both pretty much non-partisan.

So after a debate that split the country and amid rallies in which words like “coup” and “antidemocratic” were tossed around, a group of opposition legislators announce they have secured a majority in the House and plan to take power.

But enough about Thailand… Here, in Canada…

Funny. Check the full post, The prorogation and 2009’s limping victor

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2 Responses to “Canada’s Political Crisis Centre. Please Hold”

  1. Ruth Seeleyon 15 Dec 2008 at 11:10 am

    I was talking to a British friend last week who laughed merrily at this whole coup/tempest in a teapot. (Is there not a coalition government in the Scottish Parliament at the moment? There certainly has been in the past.)

    One of the key points that few are mentioning is that the House would have recessed for Christmas right around now anyway – and I’m sure that was part of the Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition strategy in terms of timing.

    Strange that no one was upset when Gordon Campbell announced the cancellation of the fall session of the BC Legislature and yet when something similar happens at the federal level, everyone panics and starts using the cee word. The OTHER cee word. :)

  2. Prairie Topiaryon 15 Dec 2008 at 4:25 pm

    Thanks for the mention. My post’s also provoked an interesting debate in the comments section. You’ll recognize my comments by the long-windedness!

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