Dec 17 2008

Web 2.0, Clowns and the Places In Between

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As a blogger and writer who spans both sides of the media divide, I enjoy thinking and talking with others about what Web 2.0 means, since it’s one of those nebulous expressions that means different things to different people. Fortunately for me, Vancouver is chock full of social media mavens to mull this phenomenon and I’ve been a grateful beneficiary of their wisdom. Web 2.0 enables humankind to communicate and interact in entirely new and meaningful ways. As I wrote in a BIV article earlier this year (Web 2.0 vs. the Great Firewall of China):

Web 2.0 in a word? Freedom.

…If the old Internet was a city filled with brilliant but unresponsive giant billboards built by individuals with 100 per cent control of their message, Web 2.0 is a collection of giant town hall meetings involving hundreds of millions of people, where the message is what most people say it is.

Web 2.0 basically means free (as in “democratic”) Internet.

I just came upon a fantastic gem of an article on the topic of what Web 2.0 means by social media consultant Joe Solomon on his Notes From A Red Nose blog, Clown and Web 2.0. It’s actually from last year, before I ever met him, but relevant and interesting as all hell. An excerpt:

Then I went on to explain that Web 2.0 is all about helping people connect. Sue Morrison had always defined moments of clown as being those where audience and performer truly connect. In that ether between audience and performer – in that space – in that moment of true eye contact. You could say clowns don’t exist, they exist between.

With Web 2.0, it’s the same thing. We exist where we connect with others. Web 2.0 has given birth to an explosion of social networks – most innovative among them is Facebook. Facebook is famous for having almost obliterated static profiles and instead having replaced these with dynamic ever-changing “News Feeds.” Your Facebook News Feed is a series of public announcements of how you’ve interacted with others on the network. Your News Feed constantly changes as your write on your friend’s wall or attend an event with other Facebook users. So on Facebook, as represented through your Facebook News Feed, your entire existence is defined by these moments of connecting with others.

Fascinating stuff.

Here’s Joe, attempting to define his existence in the spaces in between.

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