Dec 21 2008

Yargh, Matey! Rampant Piracy Of Intellectual Property Will Force China’s Economy To Walk The Plank

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When it comes to technology, you really do get what you pay for. Ever complained at the unfairness of having to pay through the nose for software while people outside of North America pick up items like Microsoft Professional Office suite for $10 (or entirely for free)? I know I have. Software if frickin’ expensive.

Turns out there was a downside for those smart fellas getting that good deal in distant lands. All this time, businesses in China and other places where intellectual property has weak protection have been setting themselves up for a disaster that will hobble the Asian economy for the foreseeable future. Pirated software means no security patches, leaving vast swathes of Asia’s corporate sector at the mercy of cyber criminals. Ah, the irony. Check out the full story in my Techvibes post, Piracy and Corruption in the Far East.

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