Dec 24 2008

Wrath of the Snow Gods Hits Vancouver

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At first the snow that blanketed Vancouver this past week was not so bad. Sure, it made it hard to drive up the steep slope to our condo, but at least it made the city look pretty. Here you can see the city skyline from my building.
Vancouver Winter 08 (6)

But yesterday afternoon, on my way home from Kin’s market, I came across the Snow Gods. First, there was Frosty the Shoggoth
Vancouver Winter 08 (20)

Nearby, lurked the Leafy One That Cannot Be Named
Vancouver Winter 08

And today, the city suffers under a demon-spawned cold snap that has knocked out Skytrain and turned our roads into slippery traps for the unwary. White Christmas? More like an attack by snow goons from another dimension. Just my interpretation, but if you’ve got a better one, I’d love to hear it.

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