Jan 02 2009

I Am, I Am, I Am Superman. And I Can Do Anything

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I am a superhero. It’s official. Not like the guy Nietzsche wrote about, more the blue and red tights version we all know and love, fighting for truth, justice and a decent cup of coffee. Check out my results from the Superhero quiz.

You are Superman

You are mild-mannered, good,
strong and you love to help others.

Click here to take your own Superhero Personality Quiz

I must say, I’m not sure whether the survey question “Are you somewhat reserved and easygoing?” or “do you like redheads?” put me into the Kryptonian category, but I assume these poll makers know what they’re doing.

I suppose Batman would be cooler. But hey, now I’ve got super-breath, which is going to be a vast improvement over my previous circumstances, my wife will tell you.

Thanks to Hummingbird604 for the idea.

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One Response to “I Am, I Am, I Am Superman. And I Can Do Anything”

  1. Ruth Seeleyon 02 Jan 2009 at 1:35 pm

    Could you start breathing on all the cars trapped in the snow and ice to free them, please? I’m getting tired of calling Canadian Tire stores to ask them when they think they might have a snow shovel in stock – had to flirt with a guy 20 years my senior to get him to shovel me out of my parking space this morning. He kept telling me he’d bought his shovel in Alberta 20 years ago (it was amazingly shiny and red for a 20-year-old shovel). :)

    I’m The Hulk – I wanted to be Catwoman, dammit.

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