Jan 14 2009

TechView: Technology Solutions For Fun, Profit and Social Change

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about how 2009 will be the year when people focus on needs as opposed to wants. Tough times will do that. But will the rules really apply in the consumer tech sector? For instance, how many of us actually “need” an iPhone? (Full disclosure: I plan on getting an iPhone just as soon as my current cellphone contract expires in March).

I sat in on a presentation hosted by the BCTIA where some of BC’s most promising tech companies talked about the possibilities for success through creating solutions that people actually need, not just want. They also talked about how tech companies can cope with the overall economic trends, which ain’t good. Get the story in Techvibes.

But it’s been a busy week, and I haven’t just been focusing on tech for profit. A little follow up to my previous Fearless City post, you can see how Phones for Fearless is helping bridge the digital divide in Vancouver’s downtown eastside in my contribution to the Vancouver Observer. Will the experiment in social media for social change be emulated in other North American cities? I’m curious to see what happens.

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