Jan 28 2009

Globe and Post: Canada Dodges A Budget Bullet

These are bad times all around. I can already count a number of close friends and colleagues who have already suffered the loss of a job or even the closing of a business. It’s scary economic news out there and I’ve been hoping for something positive to happen that would spark some matching cautious optimism that seems to be the mood among our American cousins.

So I’m heartened by the news from Ottawa that our days of political uncertainty are over. I’m glad that the Conservatives devised a budget that went some ways to deliver relief and I’m also glad the courageous new leader of the Liberals, Michael Ignatieff, has chosen to put his country’s stability ahead of his own ambition. The Bloc and NDP can be counted on to curse their sour grapes and I expected nothing good from them in any case.

We’re not out of the woods yet. I still worry about our situation. But I do feel better than I did yesterday.

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2 Responses to “Globe and Post: Canada Dodges A Budget Bullet”

  1. Earnest Canuckon 30 Jan 2009 at 1:02 am

    Re-posting this from elsewhere, Narvey, as being vaguely related. I hope you will stop combing Iggy’s eyebrows soon; it is hardly becoming.


    “Prime Minister Harper is a genius. Of the evil kind? Oh, I dunno. His budget bracketed me down, y’know, so as near as I can tell I’ll be paying 15% federal tax starting this spring; which will leave, maybe, 2 or 3 grand in my pocket this year. Thanks Steve!

    “I plan to use the cash to stimulate the holy hell out of the economy, whenever it comes near. I’ll invest in a little infrastructure, maybe; I do need new pants. Pay down some credit-card deficit. Contribute a bit to cultural life… do a little research, a little innovating…

    “The Tories really widened the brackets – must be a lot of people in my happy situation, I expect. Jesus, a big tax refund coming from *last* year too. Some recession!

    “The Prime Minister is also kinda sharp because he is not Obama’s poodle, and can weasel out of blackmail. Yeah, he had to bend to the Coalition mob and present a Stimulus Pander, I mean Package, proposing to waste sickening amounts of money on nothin’. What anathema that must have been to his Tory soul!

    “But look closer. The bulk of the federal spending is *tied*, meaning cities or provinces would have to ante up, say, $500 million to build an Infrastructural Pyramid before Ottawa would come through with a matching $500m to tear the Pyramid down.

    “What province or city has that kind of of cash for new capital projects, in these times? Quebec? Vancouver? Nah, the StimPack is mostly hot air. Through sleight of hand, Dekey Steve has applied a real brake to government expansion, and subtly put a good deal our money back in our pockets.

    “Plus, did you hear the man in his year-end interviews? He *will end* all forms of taxpayer subsidy to political parties. Since the policy has proven itself to produce crises and shakedowns, it’s pretty obviously the right thing to do. He’s correct, Mr Harper is; he is also sneaky, and smart. It’s Iggy who’s on probation now, friends.”

  2. dirkon 30 Jan 2009 at 2:32 am

    John..”The Bloc and NDP can be counted on to curse their sour grapes and I expected nothing good from them in any case”..

    …? but the coalition is what forced the Cons to do,as you put it…”devised a budget that went some ways to deliver relief”…
    Remember the coalition that worked o because the NDP and BLOC were also on board.You expect nothing good from them ?

    Coalitions by their very nature are inclusive,they are about working together looking at issues from more than one party perspectives is a good thing.Putting aside partisan politics during times such as these,is a good thing,its what most Cnd’s want.
    Iggy did what he did because he knew the Lib’s were not ready to face an election,his decision has nothing to do with courage.And everything to do with political expediency.
    If Iggy knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the GG would have invited the opposition party’s to form a government rather than possible call an election,rest assured Iggy would have voted the Con’s budget down.

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