Feb 11 2009

Globe and Post: Rally Against the Taliban in Toronto

This rally by Toronto’s Pashtun community is an encouraging and inspiring effort by friends of the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee and supporters of human rights in Afghanistan:

TORONTO – Pashtun-Canadians of Pakistan and Afghanistan origin are organizing an anti-Taliban rally to protest the ongoing massacre of Pashtun people in Northern Pakistan by the Taliban. In our first ever anti-Taliban rally in Canada we are protesting outside Queen’s Park to highlight the unreported “Genocide of 52 million Pashtuns” by the Taliban and militants.

The once peaceful and serene Swat Valley in northern Pakistan has now being transformed into another Afghanistan by the Taliban. While hundreds of innocent people have been beheaded and butchered, 300 educational institutions have been bombed and destroyed, people on ground perceive that the Pakistan ISI/military is supporting Taliban because of the infectivity of the operation and intentionally fanning extremist religious thought in the region. Out of the 1.7 million local population about 700,000 people have already forced to migrate to other areas by the war.

We want to educate and apprise fellow Canadians, the Canadian media and journalists of this unreported genocide by the Taliban, who are massacring Pashtuns in the name of Islam. We are urging Canadian newspapers and TV networks to send photographers, videographers and reporters to talk to hundreds of Pashtun women, children and men whose family members are being killed in Pakistan’s Pashtun areas on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.

Date: Sunday February 15, 2009 Time: 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM Location: Ontario Legislative Building , Queen’s Park, Toronto.

For information call Inayat Khan Kakar (905) 277 2854 – (647) 895-6566
Canadian Pashtun Community 315 Elgin St N, Cambridge, ON, N1R 8C9

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2 Responses to “Globe and Post: Rally Against the Taliban in Toronto”

  1. Earnest Canuckon 13 Feb 2009 at 4:29 am


    Taliban-esque jihadis impose sharia law in much of Algeria, almost all of the Sudan and particularly in its Darfur province. Bin Ladenists attack New York for the second time, with spectacular success. Hamas explicitly codifies the tyranny of the imams in Gaza, including Koranic amputation and crucifixion regulations, just before Tel Aviv has to respond.

    The Shi’ite ayatollahs of Tehran hang homosexuals from cranes in soccer stadiums. The sons of Muslim immigrants murder 56 Londoners, 200 Spaniards, and innumerable Australians in Bali. Other jihadi soldiers in the West are barely prevented from beheading Canada’s prime minister, shoe-bombing London flights, firebombing Dutch synagogues, machine-gunning Scottish airports, destroying Parisien suburbs.

    There is a sudden murderousness about novels and cartoons; Islamists impose sharia on English novelists and Danish cartoonists. Seven of Salman Rushdie’s publishers and translators are murdered, in Tokyo, Turin, and Turkey. Rushdie apologizes for “The Satanic Verses” and re-converts to Islam. Iranian agents stab his London agent to death in front of his children.

    The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten prints 11 cartoons mocking Islam. Copenhagen jihadis visit one of the cartoonists’ daughters in her schoolyard and threaten to kill her. The Danish government charges the cartoonists with criminal hatred and jails some of them.

    Awright, I’m rambling. The Toronto Star headline about Omar and Azim, a couple of alleged Canadians in Montreal, calls them “wannabe radical Islamic terrorists” who were almost too hilariously incompetent to firebomb the Jewish boys’ school and community centre. Ha ha! Lebanese and Algerian migrants to Canada burn down Jewish institutions; campus Islamists out of Syria and Cairo get the white nerds of McGill and Concordia riled up on the religious fundamentalism they’d hate if operated by white people;

    The Moro Islands Liberation Front, the Somalian Islamic Courts Union, the south of Thailand the little Caucasian fiefdoms, the disastrous parts of Swat and Waziristan — to say nothing of certain Paris banlieus (sp?), all of Saudi Arabia of course, and almost all of horrorshow Iran — where sharia rules, people are slaves of the clerics, just as we were slaves of the commissars under Marxalarity, and/or pets of the generals when Fascitude was operating.

    The prophet’s zealots have got territory everywhere, as well as partisans and sympathizers on every Western campus and in vast swathes of the free world’s cities. It is in fact Pushtuns who are bearing the brunt of this new totalitarianism’s blood-thirstiness; and we must arm, befriend, and fight alongside such free Muslims who will help to strangle this jihad in its cradle.

  2. jnarveyon 13 Feb 2009 at 1:22 pm

    Just when I was beginning to turn cautiously optimistic…

    Your wrap-up of the decade reminds us all of the huge threat that is still alive and well, and gaining ground in plenty of areas. That the West is in no immediate danger (within the next couple of weeks, or even years) of imminent collapse under jihadist overlords. But three or four generations down the line… That’s just a minute or two in the whole span of human history.

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