Apr 06 2009

WorldView: Kim Jong Il, Rocketman

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North Korea fires off a rocket and the USA, Japan, and South Korea go ballistic. Heck, even the Swiss are upset.

On the face of it, we’ve got a madman with nukes. If you want to see how ruthless Kim Jong Il is, just look at how he starves and tortures his own people. He can hardly be expected to act more civilized to those he proclaims as his enemies (pretty much everyone who doesn’t want to ship plutonium to his bizarre little dystopia).

Reality check: can’t we just ignore this jackass? From what I understand, North Korea wouldn’t last two weeks in a conventional, knock-down drag-out military adventure. Kim Jong Il fires off a missile that can hit Alaska? Fine. With the amount of ordnance the USA and its allies could respond with, the North would be reduced to a giant crater separating China and the remaining Koreans. How much is Anchorage really worth to Pyongyang?

To those living in the Korean gulag, best of luck offing your Dear Leader and joining the rest of the world sometime soon, comrades.

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2 Responses to “WorldView: Kim Jong Il, Rocketman”

  1. Maurice Cardinalon 06 Apr 2009 at 4:01 pm

    Takes a lot to piss off the Swiss.
    They even put up with holes in their cheese.

    The vid is a hoot.

    We’d soon see some action if there was oil in NK.

  2. jnarveyon 07 Apr 2009 at 7:21 am

    Yup. When the Swiss get mad… well, look out. The s&*t is going down.

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