Apr 08 2009

WorldView: Earth Fights Back Against Pirates

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If human beings can only be counted on to unite in the face of a common threat, then a resurgence of piracy off the Eastern Horn of Africa and the coast of Nigeria may actually turn out to be a good thing. Will we come together in a spirit of common humanity to stand on guard against the nefarious pirates of the high seas?

How many science fiction movie and TV plots have been based around humanity uniting to fight off a aliens from outer space? These stories are all based on a theory well-grounded in reality. Humans do work together if forced into it, from the schoolyard playground to the big alliances of the cold war (witness NATO’s slow demise in the absence of the existential threat of the Red Army).

So, be on guard, ye scurvy dogs of the high seas. We’re fighting back, and all the world is behind us. By the way, see the video below and see how I think today’s fight against the pirates really played out. Best regards to the stalwart Yankee crew that fought back.

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