Apr 16 2009

Globe & Post: Tamil Supporter Denies, Then Affirms Support for Terrorists In Same Breath

Tamil protesters on Parliament Hill in Ottawa have made their position on supporting terror quite clear, even if some anyonymous CTV headline writer seems determined to delude their readership.

The quote, from protest spokesperson Senthan Nada, asked whether they support the Tamil Tiger terrorist group now getting a furious spanking from Sri Lankan forces: “Our pictures show innocent children and women who are the victims and I don’t know how people can misinterpret and say that we are only standing for the Tamil freedom fighters.”

Clearly, he doesn’t mean the innocent children and women are “freedom fighters” – the same term propagandists have used for decades when their own people engage in terrorist actions. The only plausible conclusion is that the protesters consider the Tamil Tigers fighting the army to be freedom fighters. See, they’re not just standing with the women and children, they’re ALSO standing for the people reportedly using the local Tamil population of women and children as human shields.

The headline, “Tamil protesters deny support for terrorist group” just doesn’t fly. Thanks, CTV, we have no need for a Ministry of Truth.

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