May 15 2009

GeekView: Twitter In Real Life

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I use Twitter. I like it because I understand its limitations.

As a means of direct communication with people you actually care about, Twitter is awful when compared with just about any other method, from the telephone to email and even LinkedIn.

But as a way of amplifying my voice online like a kind of megaphone to a giant audience, or enabling just one more way for people to reach out and touch me, it works well enough that I’ve kept at it. As a marketing tool, it beats the snot out of sandwich board signs.

I like this video, Real-Life Twitter. It’s funny because it’s real. Sort of.

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One Response to “GeekView: Twitter In Real Life”

  1. Jessicaon 02 Jun 2009 at 12:23 pm

    Love it. Need to get off my megaphone though. :p

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