Jun 14 2009

WorldView: Meet the New Boss. Same as the Old Boss

At least the Iranian regime has learned that Saddam-esque electoral victories of 99 per cent voter approval just aren’t all that convincing to outsiders (not to mention domestic voters). But the “Orwellian” tactics they are using suggest that the world – and ordinary Iranians – can look forward to several more years at least of bad news. From Times Online:

And it was not just their presence that the regime was using to quell dissent as it turned to electronic jamming and censorship to suppress attempts to publicise protests that were raging barely a mile from the presidential office, where Mr Ahmadinejad gave a surreal, Orwellian press conference.

He called his victory an “epic achievement” that made Iran’s brand of religious democracy, with its emphasis on ethics, a model for the world.

Mr Ahmadinejad dismissed the protests as unimportant, comparing the rioters to disappointed football supporters after a match. He said there was no evidence that he had stolen the election, and that his margin of victory — 28 per cent — was so great that it was absurd to question his legitimacy. “Don’t worry about it. Freedom prevails absolutely in our country,” he told incredulous foreign journalists.

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