Jul 29 2009

On Duty, Pain and A Story of Afghanistan

From my humble contribution to Hummingbird604’s Blogathon, which raised much-needed funds for the BC Cancer Foundation:

Readers may recall the case of Namatulla Zaman. He was a six-year old Afghan boy who showed up at a Canadian military camp in 2006 with his grandfather, seeking urgent medical help. Namatulla was soon diagnosed with terminal cancer, with about one month left to live (Canada In Afghanistan).

A Canadian soldier contacted his church in Edmonton, which overnight raised $10,000. This was used for Namatulla’s medical care, living expenses, transport and finally, his funeral.

The youngster only lived one more month, but Canadian intervention was able to ensure that his final days were lived in relative comfort, free from the constant pain he’d experienced before coming to the camp.

Read the full article, Canada In Afghanistan Brings Health and Hope

If you would like to learn more about Canada’s involvement in Afghanistan, please sign up for membership at the Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee website (it only takes a minute!). If you’re in Vancouver, come down to the Afghan Horsemen Restaurant tonight at 6 pm to meet the rest of the group.

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