Aug 13 2009

Stranger In A Strange Land? Nope. She’s a Citizen. Bring Her Home

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Here’s hoping I don’t get rejected at the airport and thrown into the clink on my way back from New York City later this year.

In my most recent passport picture, my cheeks appear to be a little sunken. Apparently, I’ve been eating better in the last four years. Also, my eyebrows have gotten a bit bushier. It happens when you reach a certain age. But I don’t know if the Canadian High Commission is going to buy that.

The case of Suaad Hagi Mohamud, following so soon from the disgrace of the Abdelrazik affair, is leaving a lot of Canadians wondering just what the hell is going on here. I’m aligned with my friend Raphael Alexander‘s latest outraged take on this troubling trend:

The Suaad Hagi Mohamud affair is a whole other kettle of fish. Here is a Somali-Canadian who did nothing more than take a 2-week vacation, something a vast majority of Canadians do every single year. She left her 12-year-old son in Toronto, intending to return after visiting her mother in Kenya. That was almost three months ago. Kenyan officials arrested her after pronouncing her an impostor because she did not look entirely like her passport photograph. This, despite being in possession of 12 additional forms of identification, and a letter from her employer in Canada.

The shocker: Canadian consular officials agreed with the verdict, and declared her an impostor, canceling her passport and requesting that Kenya prosecute her for identity theft. They did.

Is this latest stupidity a case of bureaucratic bungling, or was there direction (as with the Abdelrazik case) from the civil service’s political masters? We want answers.

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