Aug 14 2009

Canadian Journalist On Trial in Tehran. Take Action Now

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Excerpts from director/producer of Hacking Democracy Simon Ardizzone’s urgent appeal on Terry Glavin‘s site:

Maziar Bahari was reporting on the Iranian elections. On June 21, at 7 a.m., there came the classic knock at the door. Unidentified agents of the security services took Maziar into custody and pitched him into a Kafkaesque nightmare.

Since that morning, Maziar has been allowed one visit by his mother. His six-months pregnant wife hasn’t been allowed to speak to him. The authorities haven’t even allowed him to see a lawyer. Last Saturday, Maziar was one of about 100 or so opposition leaders brought into court on vague charges of inciting a ‘velvet revolution’. No defence lawyers were present at the court hearings and independent journalists weren’t allowed in either. You can see an impassioned denunciation of the ‘Stalinist show trials’ and a plea for Maziar by CNN’s Fareed Zakaria at the Free Maziar Bahari website

To call on the Canadian government to step up its support of Maziar, please sign the petition here and join the Free Maziar Bahari Now! Facebook page.

Maziar has friends all over the world, but ordinary Canadians are uiiquely positionedi to come to his aid. Write Prime Minister Harper, who has stated his intention to have Maziar released ( ), and be sure to write “Maziar Bahari” in the subject line. Remember, the Prime Minister’s office needs encouragement on this file, not browbeating. The same goes for Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon ( ). You should also contact your local MP and ask that Maziar’s case be raised in Question Period (find your local MP’s contact info here)

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