Aug 15 2009

Hamas Takes on the Loyal Opposition

Blue on blue urban combat in Gaza, as Hamas (Islamic Resistance) goes toe to toe with the Jund Ansar Allah (Army of the Helpers of God). It begs the question, now that the fighting is over, will God really sort them out?

Evidently, Jund Ansar Allah accused Hamas of “not being Islamist enough”. The upstarts got sick and tired of waiting for Gaza’s rulers to declare an “Islamic Emirate” and went ahead and did it themselves (perhaps even these whackos recognized a territory the size of Gaza wouldn’t quite cut it as a “Caliphate”, given the grand imperial connotation).

Anyone else sick of the latest demonstration that while ordinary Palestinian people suffer from shortages of food, fuel and medicine brought on by the closure of Gaza’s borders by Israel and Egypt, the Hamas rulers and this terror group seem to have no problem at all smuggling in endless supplies of ammunition and rockets? Priorities, people? Just throwing it out there.

The video below provides ample insight into Hamas’ moderate views that Jund Ansar Allah thinks don’t quite make the cut

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