Aug 20 2009

Heroes and Traitors

Afghanistan gets out the vote today despite threats (and actual violence) by the Taliban. Thank you for this, Terry. This is good news.

As for this traitor, there is no hope for redemption. In his own words:

To put it another way, if we, as avowed anti-imperialists, intend to wait around for a resistance movement that agrees with us on every issue, including the need to fight the oppression of women, gays, racial and religious minorities, etc., we’ll be waiting a long time. The Taliban is the resistance in Afghanistan and we must support it, critically, but unreservedly…

Every U.S. and NATO tank that the Taliban destroy, every Karzai-appointed stooge they assassinate and every town or village they liberate is a victory for our side and a grievous blow to U.S. imperialism–we would do well to remember that and to offer our solidarity and support for a Taliban victory in Afghanistan.

All I can say for Nick K. is that he at least had the good sense to remain anonymous and without a return address. There’s opposing war in all it’s forms, and then there’s acting as a fifth-column propagandist in support of a demonstrably evil enemy. This man is a traitor in wartime, plain and simple.

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2 Responses to “Heroes and Traitors”

  1. Kurskon 20 Aug 2009 at 1:31 pm posted to the Socialist Worker..

    Re: Should the left call for Taliban victory?

    I truly believe Nick K. should go to Afghanistan and espouse his views on this to the new, improved, cuddly post 2001 Taliban he is so fond of.

    What do you suppose his last thoughts will be? Marx, socialism and belief in his cause? Or sheer, abject terror mixed with a moment of clarity on how wrong he was, as his head bounces once..twice..three times to the dusty earth?

  2. Terry Glavinon 20 Aug 2009 at 1:57 pm

    “This man is a traitor in wartime, plain and simple.”

    A traitor any old time, as are all his collaborators and allies.


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