Sep 04 2009

I Would Also Like $64 Million Over 12 Years, Mr. Luongo

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Congratulations, Roberto Luongo. You have risen to the top of your profession and have been rewarded with compensation in keeping with the generous tradition of the hockey industry. Good for you.

I’m sorry to have to say that I will never be able to watch Luongo play in a live Vancouver Canucks game (except when a generous friend of mine with season tickets lets me tag along), as I cannot justify the expense of $100 per ticket (minimum), plus $20 for a beer and hotdog — oh, and parking, too.

I know, watching professional sport live has long since become the preserve of the upper crust (or those with maxed-out credit cards), so there’s little point in complaining about the correlation between athletes’ compensation and the price of sports entertainment. But I must admit, seeing headlines like the ones announcing mega-contracts like Luongo’s does still leave me with an unpleasant feeling in my gut.

I will continue to cheer Luongo and the Canucks from the comfort of my humble living quarters, and on occasion on the big screen of a pub. Perhaps some day I’ll be so successful professionally that I won’t have to justify shelling out for tickets, but I wonder…
The humble and personable Roberto Luongo, providing incisive commentary for the weather channel (It doesn’t appear that the reporter or camera operator realized with whom they were talking)

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