Sep 05 2009

Wash Your Hands, Dirtbags

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Forget swine flu. I just don’t want to catch whatever ordinary germs people are spreading around.

Ladies, I don’t know what your experience has been, but I can tell you that in a men’s public washroom, I’m lucky to witness half of the guys washing their hands with soap and water after doing their business. The numbers get even worse in a bar or pub after 10 pm. By midnight, just assume that the guy who’s buying you drinks has trace amounts of human waste on his fingers.

I know, it’s gross. But I’m sick of what I’m seeing at fine establishments around this city. Dudes, get your act together.

Hat tip to Darren Barefoot for his insight on another point of etiquette in the context of flying low.

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One Response to “Wash Your Hands, Dirtbags”

  1. Macon 05 Sep 2009 at 9:50 am

    Years ago, while attending a post-Remembrance Day event at the Royal Canadian Legion, an old RCMP Sergeant came out of the washroom chuckling. He told me how one of the veterans had just berated him as he (the Sgt) walked away from the urinal and headed toward the door.

    The veteran said “In our Army basic training, they taught us to wash our hands after urinating.” to which the Sergeant supposedly replied “In the RCMP, they taught us to avoid pissing on our hands.”

    I turned to him and asked “Did you go back and wash your hands?”

    He smiled and said “Want to sniff and find out?”

    It seems like some folks are highly resistant to simple etiquette.

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