Sep 13 2009

Charlie Sheen on 9/11. Meet Noam Chomsky

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Leftist icon Noam Chomsky’s reasonable counter to the left-wing’s focus on 9/11 conspiracy theories. It’s a good one.

“There’s by now a small industry on the thesis that the administration had something to do with 9-11. I’ve looked at some of it, and have often been asked. There’s a weak thesis that is possible though extremely unlikely in my opinion, and a strong thesis that is close to inconceivable. The weak thesis is that they knew about it and didn’t try to stop it. The strong thesis is that they were actually involved. The evidence for either thesis is, in my opinion, based on a failure to understand properly what evidence is. Even in controlled scientific experiments one finds all sorts of unexplained phenomena, strange coincidences, loose ends, apparent contradictions, etc. Read the letters in technical science journals and you’ll find plenty of samples. In real world situations, chaos is overwhelming, and these will mount to the sky. That aside, they’d have had to be quite mad to try anything like that. It would have had to involve a large number of people, something would be very likely to leak, pretty quickly, they’d all be lined up before firing squads and the Republican Party would be dead forever. That would have happened whether the plan succeeded or not, and success was at best a long shot; it would have been extremely hard to predict what would happen.”

It’s always been incredible to me how an American president constantly portrayed (often correctly) as being unable to string a simple sentence together is also the criminal mastermind of the biggest insider conspiracy in modern history. Charlie Sheen, chill.

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5 Responses to “Charlie Sheen on 9/11. Meet Noam Chomsky”

  1. Fredon 13 Sep 2009 at 1:15 pm

    Truthers are complete nutters.

    An American president can’t get blow job in the privacy of the Oval Office behind the best security in the world without the secret getting out but tons of high explosive can be secretly placed by hundreds of secret agents over many months in the Twin Towers and the secret is kept ?


    I have an Arab/Iraqi friend who insists to this day that the Republican Guard wiped out an entire American ArmoredDivision in GW1, but it has been kept secret to protect “America’s ego”.

    An entire Armored Division, about 12,000 soldiers. They all have mothers, fathers, friends etc. They were wiped out and not one hint of teh story has ever leaked out.

    Uh huh.

  2. Earnest Canuckon 14 Sep 2009 at 3:07 am

    I am not very certain the Truthers actually believe what they say they believe, if you follow me. They posit an omnipresent/ omnipotent Yank gov’t willing to butcher its own citizens by the bucketload and crush *all* dissidence/ dissidents with its awesome surveillance power; but they don’t flee from this Pink Floyd nightmare Amerikkka, or take up arms against it, eh?

    Instead they assist in the election of the un-Bush (how’d that happen??), communicate and assemble freely with like-minded spastics, and continue to sell XXXL “Inside Job” T-shirts from the basements of Austin and Eugene. Such is life, they seem to think, in the fascist New World Order slavery prison-state, wherein they are lonely, heroic tribunes of the truth. With PayPal accounts.

    Jesus, what callousness this displays. What pretension! To *wish* you were being persecuted, and to fantasize about it! Starting on 9/12/2001, most of ’em, too: at which date the terror-states of Baa’thist Iraq and Talib Afghanistan were still engaged in the *public* and *statutory* torture, murder and imprisonment of their citizen-slaves. Who, you know, would prefer to *not* be persecuted, no matter how dramatic it seemed.

    I got some Truther friends, admittedly, as a consequence of being a pothead. Obviously I don’t talk politics with ’em; except the other night, we had some debate as to why Donald Rumsfeld went to his Pentagon office on The Big Day. Apparently he *knew* the plane/missile would stop just the other side of his photocopier — that’s how tight the planning was.

    Tonight this doesn’t amuse me. I’ve been watching some real-time 9/11 anniversary footage. The falling man. The huge hot fires on the 100th floors. The *success* of the enemy; his continued advances, eight years later; the decadence of a huge swath of our spoiled generation, for whom paranoia is what duty and honour used to be — ‘cept they haven’t even got *sincere* paranoia…

  3. Garyon 14 Sep 2009 at 7:10 am

    The paradoxical irony for the “Truthers” is that they have become part of the alleged Conspiracy by the willfull silence to contact the FBI or report their special insight to any Police Station.
    Yes folks,it’s a Federal offense to with hold evidence in a Homicide case and this was a massive slaughter of 3000 civilians.
    So either they come clean and report to the FBI to present all their “Evidence” that us peons are too stupid to find on the internet as they did….OR,they shut-up and take the time to read about Sherlock Holmes who noted that “The dog that Didn’t bark” was equally valid for evidence as ” The dog that DID bark” .
    When Jean Chretien had to make a judgement call about a unresponsive 747 that entered Canada’s air space it put the Truthers in a awkward spot because if we followed their Logic we would have seen Chretien order our F18’s to shoot it down before it crashed it a office tower since it was loaded with bombs and had no Passengers….Right?

    I want to know where all those passengers are right now IF it is true that NORAD swapped the Planes for drones run by Remote control .
    God help us if they ever expose the Truth about Santa Claus being a fake and fruad set-up by Coke a Cola around the 1930’s , the sliegh must be remote controlled and use UFO power sourses to be a antigravity vehicle , the Elves are actually hybrids from the Roswell Crash Aliens that were semi-Dwarfism victims.
    I hope they stay away from ALF , I couldn’t handle the Truth if they expose that he was a hoax or False-Flag crash into the Tanners garage to get us ready for the Global Rule by the Galactic Federation run from their Head Office on the Dark side of the Moon.

  4. Dan Hilbornon 14 Sep 2009 at 10:11 am

    required viewing

    No conspiracy.
    Just bungling, fear and death!

  5. Patrick Rosson 14 Sep 2009 at 8:39 pm

    More like Charlie Sheen, schill.

    See how I did that?

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