Sep 21 2009

Peacekeepers? Yes, But Only If We Can Patrol A Peaceful Country

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Canadians Want to be Peacekeepers.

No problem. Let’s just find a place where we can send our soldiers where two sides are separated by a well-defined line in the sand. It has to be a place where the two sides won’t shoot at our soldiers, and they won’t be in any danger of attack by rogues and freelance thugs. And it will have to be a place where we’re in no danger of accidentally causing civilian deaths inadvertently during operations. Ideally, it will be a place where our development projects won’t get burnt down by nihilistic dead-enders. Helping people in desperate need is not the objective. The goal for the “we should only be peacekeeping” crowd is to deploy our troops where they won’t suffer so much as a sunburn, and be showered in never-ending adulation.

I’ve got it. We’ll have our forces patrol the border between Germany and France. Given their history, those nations are bound to go toe-to-toe sometime. Right?

Peacekeeping? No such thing anymore. And it’s not like this is a recent development, either. Anyone remember Yugoslavia?

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