Oct 18 2009

UN Votes for Balanced, Moral Resolution on Israelis and Palestinians

Actually, not. But I thought it made a more interesting headline.

The real story, to absolutely no one’s surprise:

The action in Geneva by the 47-nation council was a sharp setback for Israel, which had labored to discredit the month-old U.N. report. The council’s vote could force Israel to defend itself for months or perhaps years — in diplomatic forums, if not criminal tribunals — as U.N. bodies grapple with highly charged fallout from last winter’s conflict in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.

While the council embraced a report that condemned both sides, the resolution itself criticized only Israel and was adopted by a wide margin.

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One Response to “UN Votes for Balanced, Moral Resolution on Israelis and Palestinians”

  1. austinon 18 Oct 2009 at 8:19 am

    Balanced, moral and U.N. in the same sentence that would be a first.

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