Oct 23 2009

Canada Less Free than Latvia

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Reporters Without Borders reports that Canada’s freedom of speech has measurably suffered, apparently due in part to the Canadian Human Rights Commission’s censorious activities (Details at Ezra Levant’s blog). Chris Waddell, a journalism professor at Carleton University, criticizes the institution in the CP thusly:

Waddell says the second thing that comes to mind is the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which has come under fire recently over a couple of high-profile cases.

One of those cases involved a Mark Steyn book excerpt on the Maclean’s magazine web site. The excerpt was accused of promoting hatred and contempt of Muslims.

That case was tossed out, but led some to demand that the commission be disbanded.

Mind you, we’re still ahead of the Yanks. Apparently, the Danes are today’s beacon of freedom in the world.

Getting back to the point, though, isn’t it long past time to disband the CHRC?

Rex Murphy’s Take on the CHRC

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