Oct 26 2009

Bring Your Child to War Day

The Taliban continue to one-up themselves when it comes to conduct unbecoming an officer human being:

A 12-year-old boy caught in the act Friday as he put a homemade bomb under a road in the volatile Zhari District grabbed a baby as a human shield to protect himself from attack from the United States helicopter that spotted him…

“The Taliban are obviously manipulating children and using them as cannon fodder,” said Major Robert Dunn of Ottawa, who oversees operations in southern and western Kandahar.

“There is one place west of Kandahar City where they shoot at us every day through a shield of children. They actually stack them up, with 8-year-olds at the front and 15-year-olds at the back.”

Entirely predictable, given the rules of engagement the international mission is working under in Afghanistan.

Not to say that our rules are bad. Avoiding civilian casualties is and has been a top priority from the very beginning of this fight, at least from our side. In fact, the international community and sovereign Afghan government cannot beat the Taliban without such a policy firmly in place.

Just pointing out once more the terrible challenge of fighting an enemy whose only use for Geneva Convention documents would be as toilet paper. It’s a hellish job. But it’s necessary.

Another example of brave resistance by the “freedom fighters”

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One Response to “Bring Your Child to War Day”

  1. old white guyon 26 Oct 2009 at 11:43 am

    ok. go back to ww2. what had to be done was bad. we have to go to all out war. that includes 12 year olds who fight. no uniform you die. man, when children and women and every man is a potential enemy you have to kill.

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