Nov 13 2009

So Much for that New Citizenship Guide

Canada’s bulky new citizenship guide has come under some controversy for its fairly explicit declaration of Canadian values (and condemnation of “barbaric cultural practices”). Still, perhaps the document didn’t go quite far enough in detailing the sort of behavior that will not be looked kindly on by our fellow citizens — not least, our border services personnel.

One of our newest applicants for citizenship appears to have some unrealistic views about just how tolerant we ought to be:

Saudi Arabian-born Syrian national Khaled Nawaya “was taken into custody Oct. 6 after Canada Border Services agents found a ring emblazoned with the Hezbollah logo, several 9-11 conspiracy DVDs and a Palestinian scarf in his car and flagged them as potential ‘terrorism resources.’ The Lebanon-based group has been listed by the government as a terrorist organization since 2002.” (CP).

He also had nearly $1 million in gold coins on him, though he had declared only $10,000, to avoid paying tax on the funds. That’s according to his lawyer. So, assuming he has no ties to militant extremists, our newest potential citizen is only a confessed tax evader. How nice for us.

Read the full article in the Vancouver Sun’s Community of Interest

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One Response to “So Much for that New Citizenship Guide”

  1. timon 13 Nov 2009 at 12:38 pm

    Only in Canada $1 million in gold $70,000 cash and his favorite DVD of all time 911 tragedy and a flight instructor.
    Hopefully the US is talking to his brother in Texas.

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