Nov 16 2009

New Media is What We’re On About

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Longtime readers will notice a not-so subtle re-branding of this blog. The generic “Currents” is finished. New Media is where it’s at.

I’ve been a part of the “new media” scene since it became relatively easy for terminal late adopters like myself to start publishing and promoting stuff online. We’re all still trying to figure out precisely what new media means and how “old media” is going to survive in the Information Age. And I’ve written before that I really do think both new and old media are actually just flip sides of the same coin.

In future, knowledge transfer will take place in a symbiotic relationship between syndication on Web 2.0 platforms and essential raw investigative data from the traditional media sources. So, new media isn’t precisely new. It is something different than what we’ve had, but mostly it just builds on what we’ve already had. A vintage Model-T Ford and a brand new Ferrari may look different, but they’re both basically cars, if you get my meaning.

I’ve operated in both traditional media and communications and this new media world for a while and this is where I want to continue to be be. This site will continue to be mainly a central platform for collecting my own essays and opinions. It’s still a personal site and as such, I will be keeping my name-based URL. However, I will also be linking and highlighting more the voices of those with whom I’ve built relationships in this new media scene.

So stay a while. Leave a comment. Feel free to get in touch with me on my other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to re-connecting.

New Media Douchebags Explained

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