Nov 17 2009

Meet Your New Vancouver Blogger Meetup Overlords

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Bloggers of Vancouver, it’s time to celebrate. Shane Birley, the guy who literally wrote the book on blogging, and yours truly (I never wrote a book, but I do author blogs, so I guess that’s enough) have been called up by Raul to help restore order to this frenzied new media scene that’s developed in our fair city.

Contents of my inbox from last night, courtesy of Raul:

Dear members of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup,

A few months ago, I realized that while running the Vancouver Blogger Meetup is my passion and I love doing it, I wasn’t being effective by trying to juggle 768 things. Two members of the VBM emailed me privately and asked me if I needed any help running the VBM. I responded that I was doing ok and that I would call upon them when I did need help.

As it turns out, I do now. And thus I have asked Shane Birley and Jonathon Narvey to be true to their promise and step up to the plate to be the Assistant Organizers. I still remain the Organizer of the Vancouver Blogger Meetup, but now there are two wonderful friends who are very much committed to the VBM who will help me organize the monthly meetup.

I will be tasking Jonathon and Shane with keeping up with the frequency of the VBM (once a month seems to be working well), and I will be doing coordinating with them to keep them organic, free-flowing and non-corporate.

All responsibility in regards to the meetup, of course (including responding to complaints) is mine, so please do complain/compliment/send me an email should you have any concerns or questions.

I want to acknowledge the continued support of Jan Karlsbjerg who always keeps detailed minutes of our Meetups on his blog ( – thanks Jan!

Finally, thanks to all of you for being part of this group, and for your kind words whenever I’ve needed support. You are all wonderful.

Any questions, comments, worries, doubts, complaints or otherwise written communication, fire them up my way.

Yours sincerely,


All Vancouver-based bloggers must now forward their blog username and password, as well as all pertinent information such as candid sexy photos are invited to send along suggestions of themes and venues for future blogger meetups to Shane and I so that we can better serve your needs. You know how to reach us. Best regards.

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