Nov 28 2009

When It’s Kinder to Kill

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Euthanasia for human beings is still fairly hotly debated because the the concept of quality of life is so poorly understood. After all, even some people with the most debilitating and painful conditions can still lead relatively satisfying and extraordinarily productive, even inspiring lives — think Stephen Hawking or Terry Fox. When our physical bodies break down, excepting those poor souls suffering from absolute paralysis or constant murderous pain, it is still theoretically possible to carry on a social existence and rely to a greater extent on our minds to generate new sources of satisfaction; a life of the mind, if you will.

It’s different for animals. They operate mainly on a physical level, motivated by instinct. They cannot compensate on another level when their physical nature is undermined. When an animal is suffering with no reasonable chance of recovery, the most humane thing to do is put them down.

As such, this story really got me steaming mad. “No-kill” shelters clearly don’t work:

He is described by some as a combative dictator whose limited approach to euthanasia has done more harm than good, causing the suffering of kittens like Betsy, whose eye ulcerations had become so bad that sores developed on her cornea.

Two cats and two dogs have been euthanized since Thursday’s raid on the shelter, while an inspection in June revealed a kitten with a fractured skull and a cat whose skin was peeling away due to liver disease.

He said the trap was humane, meant only to hold an animal, but that it clearly hadn’t been checked in up to a year.

Peaches, 10, had bone cancer. Her owner was responsible and had her euthanized to end her pain

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