Dec 05 2009

A Day at the CBC in Vancouver

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I dropped by the new CBC’s new broadcast center in downtown Vancouver for it’s open house. It’s a fantastic facility, but more important than the building infrastructure itself are the people who work there. I got a chance to meet with some of them, learn about how the CBC functions behind the scenes and discover a new animal species that appears to resemble a giant walking hockey puck.

I recorded my experience on my iPhone for posterity. I hope you enjoy “A Day at the CBC”.

While at the open house, I donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. You should, too. It’s a great cause.

More proof I actually attended the CBC open house

UPDATE: Excellent coverage of CBC’s open house at Vancouver Is Awesome.

UPDATE: Trippin with Hubert. Required reading.

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3 Responses to “A Day at the CBC in Vancouver”

  1. Adrianon 05 Dec 2009 at 4:06 pm

    Good work Jonathon. We should collaborate on a video together sometime since we have all this free time on our hands. Er, I had no idea the iPhone could do such quality. Amazing!

  2. Fredon 05 Dec 2009 at 5:11 pm

    Did you ask anyone in CBC News why they tried so hard to bury the ClimateGate story?

    Everyone knows they are in the bad for the eco-grifters, but what were they thinking? That we wouldn’t find out anyway?

    I mean teh boggest scientific scandal scam ever and the CBC embargoed the story for 13 days.

  3. David Druckeron 05 Dec 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Great job. Hilarious subtitles. Was busy at UXCamp, so could not come down.

    Just out of curiosity, did anyone ask about the removal of classical music from Radio 2 and disbanding of the CBC Radio Orchestra?

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