Dec 08 2009

Climategate, Copenhagen and Canadian Villainy

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My thoughts on the world environmental summit known as the Copenhagen Summit in the Vancouver Sun. An excerpt:

Canadians are being singled out as premier environmental villains — for legally providing energy resources to an international market that is starved for new sources of energy. The critics might as well just come up with a list of the top ten oil and coal producers in the world and condemn all of them at the same time, while nations continue to purchase all that nasty stuff that makes their cars and factories work.

I also wrote about the real need to confront environmental disasters of our own making — not just what critics like to narrowly define as “climate change”, in Environmentalists Have Been Framed!

This is also interesting: Christ Banned From Copenhagen Global Climate Summit

Also read Why It’s Copendead

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4 Responses to “Climategate, Copenhagen and Canadian Villainy”

  1. Durwardon 08 Dec 2009 at 10:59 am

    Buddy whether you know it or not you drank the kool-aid, Sustainable is short hand for depopulation based on the false idea we are too many, it bull shit.
    read Agenda 21, that’s the cause and solution in the whole scam.
    Our pollution concerns have been ignored in order to create a crisis to use.
    Your a useful idiot son. wake up.

  2. Powell Lucason 08 Dec 2009 at 11:16 am

    “Sticks and stones……” personally I don’t give a tinker’s damn what those European pansies think and I certainly could care less what all those money grubbing developing countries who see this as a free lunch think!

  3. Earnest Canuckon 09 Dec 2009 at 8:16 am

    As you know Jon, one considers Greenpeacery to be the worst kind of bad manners; it is pretty astounding that the Copenhagen gong show is even being mounted in the wake of the CRU/ Phil Jones/ “hide the decline” e-mail revelations. Although the Globe and Mail’s thin reporting on this matter of the faked and deleted “consensus science” datasets says they “… have been interpreted as suggesting” that global climate warming change ain’t a thing, the fact is the disclosures *prove* it’s not; and it is also proven that the whole operation is a nauseating mixture of fraud, hoax, hysteria and self-propagating interest-group lobbying. Big Warm has been undone; it has dismantled itself, like this year’s record-low hurricane season (a grand total of 3 named storms! — their titles being of course Al, Leo and Madonna). Maybe, just possibly, Jon, there are real environmental issues remaining to be addressed; but we’ve spent so many zillions on a non-existent problem that the seals, dolphins and (thriving) polar bears will just have to go hang for another generation. Meanwhile the doofuses in Denmark, who can’t even run a conference ( go on airily pretending they can operate the very heavens. You wanna be aligned with this crowd…?

  4. jnarveyon 09 Dec 2009 at 8:58 am

    Ah, Earnest. Climategate’s a distraction. I don’t know that we would be talking about the collapse of free market principles if a couple of hitherto unknown professors from Simon Fraser suddenly had their mail servers hijacked and it was found that they were trying to cover up a lack of mathematical proof for the benefits of free enterprise. This incident has been blown out of proportion.

    Scientists haven’t figured out a way to objectively prove beyond dispute climate change trends within a global weather system that is far more complicated than our economic models. Go figure. I think this speaks more to human fallibility than a comprehensive cover-up.

    In any case, both the precautionary principle and the fact that virtually all “climate change” solutions are really just solutions to problems of air pollution, desertification resource depletion and so on (ie. “real problems”) urge us to get on with the business of saving the planet — which is really about saving ourselves, when we get down to it. Mother Nature will get on without us. The reverse doesn’t really hold true.

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