Dec 08 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Vancouver Meetup of Meetups

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The year-end Vancouver Meetup of Meetups is happening on Tuesday, December 15 at 6 pm at Ceilis Irish Pub. I will be there (representing the Vancouver Blogger Meetup Group). Other cool people will be there. So the only pertinent question for my Vancouver-based readers and other geeks reading my RSS feed is, are you going to be there?

Let me give you 10 reasons why you ought to show up:

1. In case you didn’t notice from the establishment’s name, the meetup venue is the kind of place where you can drink beer. I like beer. Odds are, so do you. And if you don’t, they’ve got some other stuff behind the bar.
2. You might just get a chance to meet your blog’s most persistent troll face-to-face and slap them.
3. You’ll get business cards from people who still use hotmail addresses. Then you can write to them and say, “Hey, I was totally going to hire you to do $10,000 worth of stuff for me, but then I saw you were using this crappy hotmail address. No thanks.”
4. The chicks from The Real Estate Technology Meetup Group are all smokin’ hot.
5. More beer!
6. Shane Birley and Shane Gibson are going to arm-wrestle. The winner faces off against Raul in a cage match.
7. Someone is bound to teach you how to pronounce Ceilis properly. That’s always good to know.
8. This is your big chance to buy me drinks until I’m so wasted that I give away all of my blog usernames and login passwords.
9. Door prizes, which may or may not include Chris LeMay’s moustache.
10. Admission is by donation of $10 to the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, or an unwrapped new toy. It’s for a good cause. Do something nice, for a change.

Hope to see you there, folks. Happy holidays.

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4 Responses to “Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Vancouver Meetup of Meetups”

  1. Erika Rathjeon 08 Dec 2009 at 8:52 pm

    Jonathon, I never realised how funny you are!

    I might be there. I was really uncomfortable at last year’s (people who talk to me just to sell me something is really irritating, and although that was only a handful of people, it kind of blows the whole evening) but a few new acquaintances this year should keep me occupied, yes? Any advice on handling the more sales-oriented folks?

    The arm-wrestling sounds entertaining.

    See you there perhaps!

  2. jnarveyon 09 Dec 2009 at 9:08 am

    Thanks for dropping by, Erika. I must confess that I let my funny out by accident. I’ve caught him, disciplined him and put him back where he won’t cause any mischief for a little while. :-)

    I won’t lie to you — there’s definitely a component of these Meetup of Meetups that is very business-focused (and some of them do in fact have a habit of pitching their business without first finding out your name).

    But I’ve found that most people who come to this thing seem pretty nice and there is usually enough of a core group of our cooler colleagues that show up to keep things entertaining. Actually, now that I look at the list of RSVPs today, I see quite a few friendly folks I know will be there.

    Looking forward to seeing you. I’ll be in touch in a bit.

  3. Jeremy Limon 17 Dec 2009 at 1:24 pm

    It was all true – except #7; I still have no idea how to pronounce Ceili’s properly. Seeley’s? Kaylee’s? Bob’s. I’ll call it Bob’s.

    Either way, the room was -packed- (and the ladies from the real estate meetup were gorgeous).

    Take a peek!

  4. jnarveyon 17 Dec 2009 at 1:58 pm

    Always great to see you, Jeremy. That night was a blast. A great opportunity to touch base with friends I haven’t seen in a while and make some new acquaintances.

    Fantastic photos. Definitely worth a Tweet. Which I’m doing in 3, 2, 1.. Done!

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