Dec 17 2009

Vancouver City Hall Report Card. Interview with CityCaucus

Vancouver City Hall watchers and municipal political junkies across the nation are probably already familiar with the severe budget woes facing this city. Services will be cut and it seems likely that treasured institutions like the Blodel Conservatory will soon be remembered only in postcards.

In addition to the economic challenges of city finances in a very tough year, the city is also facing some other more familiar issues. For instance, is Vancouver really preparing itself to meet its Greenest City goals for 2020, or are most of the announcements thus far simply window dressing? And how has political collaboration improved, if at all, over past City Councils where partisanship was the name of the game?

I got some answers to these questions when CityCaucus co-founder Michael Klassen stopped by for a coffee and an interview. For the full CityCaucus perspective on how City Hall ranked for 2009, check out their Report Card.

Just click play on the black bar thingie below, sit back and enjoy this New Media podcast, the first of many over the coming months. Cheers.

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