Dec 27 2009

Maybe a Ban on Killing Human Beings Might Work Better?

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Related to the half-blind, foolish media coverage I was mentioning in my last post — here we have a case of unquestioning feel-good coverage of an event in Toronto on Christmas Day called “Reviving the Islamic Spirit”. A perfect example of only hearing, and reporting, what you want to hear.

Evidently, one organizer, Imam Johari Abdul Malik, felt it necessary to address the odd coincidence that so much violence around the world is perpetrated in the name of a “religion of peace” against non-Muslims and even more often, against fellow Muslims. His quote:

Maybe it’s time to save the ship to say that I am going to take an oath to be non-violent,” he said, speaking of the widespread violence in the world by Muslims against other Muslims.

“And that I refuse as a Muslim to kill another Muslim and also as a Muslim to defend the rights of others.

Wait a second, Mr. Malik — you want to make a statement condemning violence and “saving the ship” by only condemning the killing of Muslims by other Muslims? In other words, non-violence only applies to his fellow co-religionists? And this is supposed to negate the extremism that has filtered through his community?

So much for a feeling of peace and goodwill towards all.

Nice reportage, Debra Black. Way to dig deeper. Useless mouthpiece.

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4 Responses to “Maybe a Ban on Killing Human Beings Might Work Better?”

  1. Franceson 27 Dec 2009 at 4:17 pm

    And he also says “I refuse…as a Muslim to defend the rights of others.” Either his syntax is seriously confused, or he’s not going to defend anyone else’s rights.

  2. Ahmedon 28 Dec 2009 at 3:36 pm

    In full honesty, this announcement of yours has been a waste of cyberspace. I truly honestly sincerely cannot see how in the world in any sort of possibility within bounds of maturity can something like that be stated. Seriously. (Also, he’s a speaker, not organizer.)

    And on the other reader’s first comment — I’d fully venture to say that that was a flagrant misquotation, as it does a full 180 against what that speaker’s been saying.

    I was at the event for the three days. Through and through, the explicit emphasis by all speakers was about Muslims benefiting all humans on simple human interactions by working hard and being genuinely good people and good neighbours and citizens wherever we are, as the Qur’an and the Prophet’s detailed history demand, and for that to be the prime calling to submission to God. Islam, in its beautiful completeness, transformed warring desert dwellers into scholars, scientists, artists, and all other sorts of pinnacles of human achievement – and it still does the same wonders in those that take to it fairly.

    As a genuine and proud Canadian that converted to Islam, after for years debating with and cursing and shunning its adherents, I do invite you to evaluate it further. It is there for the world’s benefit. It is the cure. Many Muslim leaders are themselves converts; many educated people accept Islam into their lives regularly in Canada — and we love Canada for that.

    Just as we do, you should also dig beyond the third-world imports of spirit-less concoctions disrespecting the true glory of Islam, and recognize the loud voices of Muslims through such events as RIS that are reaching out, reaching in, and striving to be a part of, if not the, solution to the social illnesses that plague North American society.

    All the best.

  3. jnarveyon 28 Dec 2009 at 4:18 pm

    Ahmed, I am very happy to hear your take on the event in question. It sounds like it was a positive experience. I hope it was.

    But the point of the post was simply to take this speaker at his own words and wonder at the strangeness of them.

    As much as North Americans are horrified and saddened by the violence taking place in Muslim societies far from here, the truth is that many people are more concerned about the seemingly unending plots and violence carried out by Islamist extremists within our multicultural region of the planet.

    Frankly, it seemed odd that the imam would only point out the obvious inhumanity of Muslims killing each other, while excluding violence carried out by extremists against innocent civilians in the West.

    To provide a bit of a comparison, it would seem odd for a Jew to have to remind fellow Jews that killing other Jews was evil. Same goes for Christians telling fellow Christians that killing Christians was wicked. But then, these particular groups don’t tend to have to worry about suicide bombings by their co-religionists or by governments that claim to get their authority from religious sources, as with Hamas or the Iranian government.

    But the other side of it is that when Jews, Christians and other groups (including atheists, for that matter) do discuss the evils of murder, they tend not to discriminate between “us” and “them”. Rather, all forms of killing are sinful. Martyrdom is not a “get-out-of-Hell free” card in these cultures. Even in war, the casualties we inflict on the other side are seen as “lesser evils” (as opposed to waiting for the enemy to murder us), not intrinsic goods.

    Your final point regarding the “social illnesses that plague North American society” — I can only respond that all societies will have problems, but that I would far rather live in a free and democratic society where enterprise and intelligence are rewarded, than in some of the slavish and economically sclerotic societies of the Middle East where Islam dominates, typically to the forced exclusion or subservience of all other cultures.

    Compare Canada with Saudi Arabia and decide which country is the sort of place where you would like to live and raise a family. If you seriously think the latter nation would offer a better life, then we have very, very different views on what we define as “social illnesses”.

  4. skyhook8 at dailyraspon 28 Dec 2009 at 4:47 pm

    In another all to common modern media practice of, as you note above ‘the half-blind, foolish media coverage’ I suggest you check out coberage on Global National of this event: Bomb attack on Shia march in Pakistani city of Karachi

    Don’t blink it might last 6 seconds. It is the second or third item on the ‘show’.

    useless media idiots.

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