Dec 29 2009

What’s Going to Happen in 2010?

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Something wonderful? I wish I could be that optimistic.

Here’s the deal. I found this big black monolith in my backyard this morning that I’m pretty sure wasn’t there the other day. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything. It’s just sort of sitting there, looking very angular and non-reflective.

Ted’s dog walked over to the thing. I think he was going to mark his territory. Instead, he just kind of froze when he got close. It’s an hour later and now, Rex has all the other neighborhood dogs in a circle on the lawn. He seems to be teaching all of the other canines geometry or something.

I should mention that when I woke up I had this great idea about how to to get our space program back on track so we can once again pursue the dream of becoming a space-faring civilization. I was so stoked that I drew all the blueprints for an interstellar vehicle and put together a flight plan before I was finished my second cup of coffee. I was all ready to scan what I had drawn and email it to NASA.

Then I saw another news item about how we still can’t even seem to get our ordinary airplanes off the ground without worrying that one narcissistic spoil-sport motivated by fanatical hatred is going to try to kill everyone else on board. And that even though close to 100 per cent of these types of airline security issues are caused by guys who all seem to have certain traits in common, our smartest minds are no closer to coming up with a solution that balances our very real security needs with the protection of the rights and freedoms that our civilization holds dear.

That’s too bad.

I suppose this means humanity’s dreams are on hold for a bit. I mean, we can hardly aim for the stars when human beings can’t even fly safely to heights first achieved nearly a century ago.

I guess I’ll hold on to the blueprints for a little while longer.

In the meantime, I better go check on Rex and the others. They seem to have discovered how to walk semi-upright and sing “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”. There’s got to be a way to make some money off this.

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