Dec 31 2009

My New Year Resolution for 2010

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I resolve to focus more on achieving long-term goals in 2010.

In the past, I’ve probably spent a bit too much time concentrating on activities that would provide me with a quick return (ie. cash). That’s all well and good, but lately, I’ve been looking at what it’s going to take for me to really build a legacy that makes the world a better place — the kind that gets you a Wikipedia entry, last-minute reservation at a fancy restaurant or at least a Duddy Kravitz-style coffee shop tab.

In practical terms, this means devoting more time to causes, getting back to writing fiction that somebody will actually want to publish, and really building my business and other professional writing. Of course, it also means continuing to develop this blog you’ve been enjoying — I’m thankful for reaching lot of new readers in 2009 and I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and opinions from this online soapbox in 2010.

Best wishes from Vancouver to my family and friends for all that will happen in the coming year

Of course, it’s not too late for me to add a bit to my resolution made thus far. Looking for inspiration. What’s your New Year resolution for 2010? Leave it in a comment below.
Vancouver sunset

UPDATE: Some New Year’s resolutions from my friends and family via Facebook
Sherry Narvey
To love you more baby!!! (NOTE FROM NEW MEDIA EDITOR TO SHERRY: I resolve to kiss you 1,000,000 more times in 2010)

Daniel Schloss
Well I quit smoking this past week. 8 days smoke-free now. So mine are to keep that up and to….get washboard abs. My new year’s resolution is caring more for my health in the coming year.

David Drucker
I always try and pick New Year’s Resolutions that are easy/fun to achieve. Like, ‘I will drink more red wine because I hear it’s good for me.’ Yeah, I think I’ll do that one this year. It’s a golden oldie.

George Petoussis
not to make any new years resolutions

Kenny Chiu
1. Get rid of at least twelve pounds in the next twelve months. 2. (extended version) respect use of metrics for resolution #1 (i.e. 12 kgs)

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