Jan 01 2010

The Biggest Canadian Story of 2009 That Never Was

Perhaps the Canadian opposition parties ought to be thanking PM Stephen Harper for putting a temporary kibosh on any Afghan detainee investigation, which was most likely going to reveal… nothing at all.

Canadian reporter Matthew Fisher on the detainees (as transcribed at Terry Glavin’s blog):

“It is preposterous… People trying to compare this to Somalia . . . the cavalier use of the term war crimes. . . we are not even within a million miles of reaching any of these points. It is a tremendous slur to ever invoke words like these. These are words that were used, and with reason, for the holocaust, for the genocide in Cambodia, for the horrible things that happened with tens of thousands of people being slaughtered in Rwanda. . .

“I’ve spoken at great length to the Red Cross – I believe I’m the only Canadian journalist who has – in Kabul, with someone who has had a lot to do with this file. He said the Red Cross has no issues with Canada, or any other country for that matter, at this time.

“This person was also highly critical of the whistleblower Richard Colvin, who has been lionized in Canada, because he violated every rule that every government has with the Red Cross, which is to allow it to do its work freely, and to protect prisoners. It never discusses its affairs publicly, period, and they are extremely distressed, and they believe that Colvin harmed the prisoners and put them at risk by going public with these things.”

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One Response to “The Biggest Canadian Story of 2009 That Never Was”

  1. Susanon 01 Jan 2010 at 5:44 pm

    Wow. The Parliamentary Press Gallery are quite the cabal with the way they´ve managed to turn the heroic history making efforts of our men and women serving overseas into yet another pandemic of disingenuous waferlike-gates.

    This time they´ve gone too far in pathetically politicizing the Afghan effort as if it just another political point to carve on the re-election pole.
    I hope Canadians see through this charade and continue to support the valuable work being attempted with the people of Afghanistan.

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