Jan 07 2010

Blood Libel in British Columbia?

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The Al-Ameen Post, an online media branch which appears to be a creation of the British Columbia Muslim Association’s Executive Board, publishes a blood libel produced by the Iranian media arm of Press TV alleging that 25,000 Ukrainian kids were murdered in Israel so that their organs could be harvested.

Intrepid journalist Terry Glavin reports this insanity and it is promptly receives national attention. Very quickly, the Al-Ameen site scrubs the antisemitic propaganda from its pages, noting “This article has been removed due to lack of supporting facts. we appologize for any inconvinience.”

Then the BCMA denies any association with the Al-Ameen, even though a cached web page appears to show the executive board of both organizations was one and the same.

There being no actual list of executives or contributors on the Al-Ameen website, someone’s going to have to do a little investigation to find out who was really behind the site. Perhaps they could start by asking Al-Ameen webmaster Mohammed Bhamji of Surrey, BC, who appears to work for Bimex Marketing & Distribution Inc? Perhaps he could clear up exactly who actually runs and funds Al-Ameen. I mean, who pays this guy’s invoices? Just an idea.

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