Feb 08 2010

Why Does Woodwards Matter?

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Long before the redevelopment of the Woodward’s building was completed—to offer a mix of market and social housing reinvigorating Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood—there were skeptics of the plan; not least from the potential buyers:

“I got a call from a guy who was from L.A. and who had expressed interest in buying a unit, and he was in town walking around the [Woodward’s] building. While he was there, a woman on the sidewalk dropped her drawers in front of him. So he took a photo of her on his cellphone, sent it to me and asked: ‘Should I be worried?'”

But that was in April of 2006, and the optimists seem to have the upper hand these days.

Read the full article at Granville: Woodward’s Revitalizing Gastown?
Vancouver Woodwards building

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