Feb 10 2010

Here is a Protest We Can All Get Behind

Does the Iranian regime finally understand for whom the bell tolls? Forget the “poverty Olympics” for a moment. Here’s a protest that really ought to get some attention:

“What binds this movement is the demand for free elections, free media and respect for civil rights,” Karroubi said in a statement last week.

The opposition leaders say Iran’s constitution guarantees civil rights that are being violated by the nation’s rulers. If the movement goes beyond those demands, it will be “stabbing in the dark,” Mousavi said in an interview on his own Web site last week in which he emphasized respect for the constitution.

Mousavi also demanded the release of all political prisoners. The courts responded by handing down death sentences against 10 protesters, after two men were hanged last month for their alleged involvement in street clashes. On Wednesday, several people were arrested, a top police commander said, adding to the hundreds who have been detained. Just in recent weeks, at least 12 journalists and dozens of activists have been taken into custody.

These brutalities are par for the course. Now the thugs are adding insult to injury. I expect if the government of Canada tried the next particular trick up the Ayatollah’s sleeves, I personally know some people who would take the next plane to Ottawa to torch the parliament building:

On the eve of the demonstration, the Iranian government said it would permanently suspend Google’s e-mail service in the country, the Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.

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  1. real conservativeon 11 Feb 2010 at 1:49 am

    Yeah I can’t wait for another war in the middle east.

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