Feb 11 2010

No Mushy Middle for Vancouver Businesses During Olympics

In Canadian politics, the party that moves to the center typically wins. But in business, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply. When it comes to marketing your local business during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, you’ve got to pick a side: Pro-Olympics or anti-Olympics. The beauty is that it doesn’t matter which side you choose.

From my latest article in the Vancouver Sun:

“We tell them, pick a side — Olympics or anti-Olympics,” says Olympics marketing expert Maurice Cardinal, who has been advising businesses about how to take advantage of the excitement surrounding the Winter Games while getting around the tough rules VANOC has deployed to protect its official sponsors. With vocal constituencies for and against the Olympics split down the middle, businesses can cash in on catering to one side. “If they pick a side, they’ll probably do well. The thing to avoid is sending a mixed message”

Read the full article, Businesses Need to Pick a Side for Olympics

What Exactly Are They Marketing Here for the Olympics Theme?

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One Response to “No Mushy Middle for Vancouver Businesses During Olympics”

  1. a protesteron 11 Feb 2010 at 10:20 pm

    As a protester, I have to say that we’re living in different realities here, or at least using words with different meanings.
    The things the people celebrate are not the things we protest, even if we all call them “Olympics”. The majority celebrates what the Olympics are supposed to be. The minority protest (many aspects of) what they are in practice. Sports are great, a sense of being part of something large is great, welcoming people from all over the world is wonderful. I think we all agree here. Displacing natives, doubling homelessness, stopping critical reporters at the border is not so great. We probably also all agree here, right?

    I think we would find a lot of common ground if we realized that we’re not talking about the same thing when we say “Olympics”.

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