Feb 13 2010

Violence is the First Refuge of the Incompetent

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I described the protest movement against the Vancouver 2010 Olympics earlier as unable to articulate a unified protest platform to bring in the masses — despite a fairly wide groundswell of anti-Olympics feeling among the general public. This speaks not only to a lack of organization skills (they did have four years to prepare for this, after all) but also very shallow sympathy for the myriad causes stuffed into this counter-culture sausage-fest.

Having failed to win grassroots support, the vanguard has inevitably decided to resort to violence to get the attention they need just to sustain momentum among their relatively sparse membership. This desperation move is just alienating the rest of us even further, at least according to snippets from the local Twitter crowd:

@stephenfung: Olympic protesters are breaking shit downtown and scaring tourists. What’s your cause again? That’s the one I won’t be supporting. K. Thx.

@canucksgirl44: #Vancouver protesters are just a bunch of wannabe hippies anyway. Welcome to the West Coast, lol #realhippieslivedinthe60s

@MitchGarvis: @DanaEpp Yeah but the funny thing is the protesters are all white kids, and the natives are all involved with the games :)

@steaks: Also protestors damage cause of people they say they are helping. How NGO’s going to raise funds and lobby well when associated to douches?

It’s getting a bit uglier than I expected, given yesterday’s lackluster showing by the perpetually disaffected. But it seems a severely downgraded and ineffective version of the Battle in Seattle is the worst the IOC and the City of Vancouver has to deal with. For now, the Games go on unimpeded.
Vancouver 2010 Olympics protesters

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5 Responses to “Violence is the First Refuge of the Incompetent”

  1. Darcyon 13 Feb 2010 at 1:57 pm

    “given yesterday’s lackluster showing by the perpetually disaffected”

    Nicely put. Violence today makes it more likely far less show up tomorrow-and the world can enjoy our games without these twits bothering them to much-or taking up to much air time…

  2. Nicola Timmermanon 13 Feb 2010 at 2:10 pm

    What makes you think they haven’t succeeded? They have attention from all over the world including blow-by-blow direct coverage in a small box on the CBC Newsworld telecast.

    A lot of Vancouverites didn’t get to see the Olympic flame going by because some of route was changed to smaller streets. Also I saw a local on the news putting back a newspaper box upright and swearing at the protestors. So who do the police warn and hold back – him of course, not the protestors. I never saw such a bunch of wimpy police.

  3. The_Icemanon 13 Feb 2010 at 2:14 pm

    At least the media story this morning about smashing windows capped the estimate of protestors at 200. But that was the National Post. I’m sure CTV was reporting this morning that 20,000 protestors were smashing windows. These clowns want to start vandalizing property in broad daylight and intimidating tourists? Let’s throw them in jail cells until the games are over, and put it on their permanent record.

  4. real conservativeon 13 Feb 2010 at 2:25 pm

    Violence has nothing to do with incompetence, it is an expression of anxiety or frustration.

  5. Canadiansenseon 13 Feb 2010 at 2:40 pm

    If we had the Chretien Liberals in power, unlawful detainment, strip searches and pepper spray would have been deployed with the MSM running cover for them.

    Thankfully after APEC inquiry the police are less likely to over react with these people.

    How many are these participating in illegal acts are from outside the Vancouver area?

    If they are breaking the law those responsible including the organizers should be held financial responsible for all costs including court.

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