Feb 17 2010

The Stupid Side of Multiculturalism

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Canada is a mosaic of cultures. We’ve got the three “founding peoples” including First Nations, French and British. Then you’ve got waves of immigration since even before Confederation which have resulted in third-generation Heinz-57 (though mostly Eastern European) ethnic hodge-podges like myself. My wife is Chinese (well, from Hong Kong, anyway. Apparently, there’s a difference). My last boss was Czech. My proud Irish-Canadian pal is matched with a charmingly-accented Australian of Korean descent. You get the picture.

Can’t we all just chill out about this ridiculous multicultural hissy-fit about the Olympic ceremonies? First it was the “lack of French” for a ceremony in which every line we heard was in French, then English. Now, we hear that representatives of Vancouver’s “multicultural groups” — whoever they are — have demanded a meeting with VANOC.

First of all, no magical combination of English, French, Cantonese and Skwxwu7mesh at these sorts of events is going to make everyone happy. No mix of folk-festival dance numbers will satisfy the cultural-victim political propagandists, politicians and bureaucrats who need to justify their own existence.

More to the point, what exactly do these critics expect? It’s too late to rejig the closing ceremonies. So what’s VANOC going to say?

Maybe something like this, if they’ve got the guts to level with these idiots: “Sorry we screwed up. I’m sure that when Vancouver gets the Olympic games again sometime in the next century, the artistic director will pay more attention to cultural sensitivities. In the meantime, suck it up, you whiny little bitches.”

We are all Canadians. Have some pride.

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