Feb 18 2010

So Much for the Olympic Truce

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If we remain true to our tradition as Canadians and responsible members of the international community, we’re going to help finish the fight in Afghanistan — notwithstanding those commentators who seem to think that we ought to put down our weapons at the behest of the IOC or VANOC at the same time that Taliban snipers are shooting at ISAF soldiers from behind human shields.

The scary thing is that I can’t detect the slightest trace of satire in the Georgia Straight’s latest hit-and-run propaganda attack on Canada’s mission in Afghanistan. I think editor Charlie Smith might actually be serious:

I think it’s time for the IOC to include some penalties for those who violate the truce, including NATO leaders.

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Chief of the Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk, and U.S. vice president Joe Biden were refused entry into Vancouver Olympic venues for being warmongers during a truce period, perhaps this world would suddenly get a little more peaceful.

Smith seems to suggest that UN Secretary Ban Ki Moon actually wants Canadians to throw down their weapons and bug out of Afghanistan ASAP.

That’s a distortion of the truth. The UN bigwig couldn’t have been more clear about the importance of Canada’s boots on the ground. Remember this?

Once again, the opportunists are on the rise, seeking anew to make Afghanistan a lawless place — a locus of instability, terrorism and drug trafficking. Their means are desperate: suicide bombs, kidnappings, the killing of government officials and hijacking of aid convoys. Almost more dismaying is the response of some outside Afghanistan, who react by calling for a disengagement or the full withdrawal of international forces. This would be a misjudgment of historic proportions, the repetition of a mistake that has already had terrible consequences…

The United Nations, alongside national and international counterparts, non-governmental organizations and Afghan civil society, will continue to provide the Afghan government whatever assistance it needs to build on these achievements. Our collective success depends on the continuing presence of the International Security Assistance Force [emphasis added], commanded by NATO and helping local governments in nearly every province to maintain security and carry out reconstruction projects.

In any case, there can be no truce with these fanatics. Their idea of a ceasefire is an off-season to recruit child suicide bombers and make some point about the unifying spirit of religion by spraying acid in the faces of girls who want to learn to read.

Let’s be clear. The UN wants us in Afghanistan. Our NATO allies want us in Afghanistan. The long-suffering Afghan people want us in their country. The only true warmongers are those who would have us abandon the field to let the Taliban conquer an entire nation.

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7 Responses to “So Much for the Olympic Truce”

  1. Rob Con 18 Feb 2010 at 3:25 pm

    Charlie Smith should pull his head out of his a$$ and pay attention to the REAL world that is passing him by.

  2. Lon 18 Feb 2010 at 3:31 pm

    He’s been celebrating – a bit too much BC bud or whatever – clouds the thinking ….

  3. skyhook8 at dailyraspon 19 Feb 2010 at 9:34 am

    I am sick of NATO bashing by press in country that is only free because of brave soldiers.

    How about banning political leaders, elite, etc from Communist and Totalitarian countries at the Olympics?

  4. jnarveyon 19 Feb 2010 at 9:54 am

    Skyhook, that’s actually not a bad idea. Except, then you start getting into some murky terrain. After you ban North Korea, the next country nominated for such treatment will presumably be Israel (a la the scurrilous BDS movement) or even Canada, which will no doubt get called out for “genocide” or “war crimes” or something.

    It’s the same reason we haven’t moved from a United Nations-moderated international system to an Association of Democracies. In a multi-polar world, we’re stuck with accommodating the lowest common denominator of the international set.

  5. Charlie Smithon 19 Feb 2010 at 3:46 pm

    I’m sorry you didn’t catch a whiff of humour in my blog post. I could explain it to you, but you would probably just end up twisting it to suit your ideological disposition.

    Most Canadians oppose this war.

    Charlie Smith

  6. jnarveyon 19 Feb 2010 at 3:59 pm

    Not at all, Charlie. Please do explain what you meant.

    Was your piece satire after all? That would be a great relief.

    So, you are actually clear about the fact that the last thing Ban Ki Moon wants is for Canada to abruptly pull out of Afghanistan? And you are also aware that if the international community bugs out along with us that we will be consigning that long-suffering nation to yet another brutalization by the Taliban?

    Please go ahead and leave a comment. Don’t worry about a pint-sized pundit like myself twisting your words. They ought to be able to speak for themselves.

    BTW, my full response to that last statement, “most Canadians oppose this war”, can be found here: http://jnarvey.com/2009/04/22/canadians-agree-on-afghanista/

  7. jnarveyon 19 Feb 2010 at 4:33 pm

    One other idea, Charlie — if you are really concerned that I’m going to edit your comments to make you look foolish on my website (which would be an unprecedented act of mischief on my part), I’d be quite happy to participate in a side-by-side contrast of opinion columns on Afghanistan next to a column by yourself, or another expert of your choosing.

    Putting it in the print and online edition of the Georgia Straight, you would of course retain the ability to ensure that your words were not mistreated in any way.

    What do you think?

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