Mar 07 2010

About Rediscovering Israel

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Our motley crew of bloggers, pundits and provocateurs arrived in Israel from the land of the True North Strong and Free. Our mission was to tour the country and get an up-close understanding of a region whose international media coverage generates intense heat without an equal measure of illumination.

Most people who pay attention to international news seem to think they have already discovered Israel. The same goes for those who are interested in history or religion. Many of us have strong opinions about Israel and Jewish themes. Yet relatively few of us get to actually visit this place. In this sense, we intended to come to Israel to rediscover this place.

We would talk with Israeli politicians, officials of the Palestinian authority and ordinary citizens from all walks of life. We traveled to the holy places and the secular hot-spots. Along the way, we tried to get a better understanding of the following topics:

  • How do ordinary Israelis live?
  • What drives the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  • How has an ancient people managed to cope so well with modernity?
  • How do Israelis view the rest of the world?
  • In a land steeped in history, what does the future hold for Israel?

Ultimately, we came to learn about this place so we could tell stories. You are reading them now.

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