Mar 11 2010

The Afghan Scandal Ottawa Doesn’t Want You to Know About

The Canada-Afghanistan Solidarity Committee has released a report urging Canada to continue an active role in Afghanistan after the military mission ends next year. Committee co-founder Terry Glavin and Nasrine Gross, an Afghan-American writer at Kabul University, discuss the situation on the ground.

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One Response to “The Afghan Scandal Ottawa Doesn’t Want You to Know About”

  1. ridenrainon 11 Mar 2010 at 10:48 pm

    I agree that we should keep at it until the job is done but it’s politically unsustainable. By parliament vote, we end combat operations next year. We are still heavy into the training and support of the ANA and they have come leaps and bounds from the early years. We may not need to provide the raw numbers but we can definitely still provide the drive and expertise to continue the fight. Somewhere along the line, the ANA are going to have to take up the task and I can see us moving to an advisor position.
    The problem is, every Canadian casualty after 2011 will be thrown in our faces by the opposition. These casualties may be far from combat, due to IEDs or terrorism bombing but the NDP especially will flaunt that in our faces. I’d like to think that the Labs would harken back to the original reasons why we’re there but they have a very short memory when it comes to politics.

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