Mar 12 2010

Will Israel Become a Pariah State?

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It’s looking more and more like a strong possibility. The odd support of the left around the world in support of an extreme right wing violent agenda may make this a reality:

This problem is not exactly new, though the trends have certainly worsened over the past few years. For years after Oslo, virtually everyone agreed on a two-state solution. This made sense, since Palestinians themselves were asking to remain separate from Jews.

But now, we hear lots of talk of a one-state solution, in which the Jewish remnant in a unified nation would very soon lose its unique character through simple demography. “It would have been beyond the pale years ago, but now they talk of an Apartheid state, even though Israel is a multicultural country where all citizens, Jew and Arab alike, have the very same civil rights — and next door in the Palestinian territories and the Arab lands, Jews were kicked out of their homes and would not be safe in those countries today. Yet none of this is even discussed.”

Read the full article, The Case of the Kidnapped Conscience

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One Response to “Will Israel Become a Pariah State?”

  1. Donald Duckon 13 Mar 2010 at 4:24 am

    As gar as I’m concerned the Israeli government can do whatever it ants whenever it wants.

    There are no limits on survival unlike here in Communist Canada.

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