Mar 31 2010

Waking Up to the Challenge of Post-2011 in Afghanistan

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The Canadian nation endured an awful, endless sleep occasionally punctuated by vicious nightmares of Taliban thugs running wild across a blood-soaked plain. Finally, injected with some new serum, the chief ingredient being a healthy dose of political courage, this nation wakes with a start.

But now that they’ve woken, will they take action? Perhaps

Segal commended Harper for staying true to the 2008 parliamentary motion that set the 2011 end-date for the military mission. But what’s needed now is “vision and renewed commitment” to the country and the international effort.

This is the time to examine all possible Canadian contributions to the Afghan mission, not to close the door on allies the country has been fighting beside for nearly a decade, Segal said.

“I’m making the case for consideration … that it’s wrong for all Canadians to withdraw, it’s wrong for us to only have a civilian presence, because who’s going to provide security for them?” he said in an interview.

The future is looking a bit brighter.

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