Apr 09 2010

Fierce Warriors with Tender Hearts

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Not quite the end of an era. We have picked up that torch. From the Canadian Press:

He said their “fearlessness in war and selflessness in peace first defined our young nation in the eyes of the world.”

“These Canadians did not fight the First World War to expand our dominion. It was not over old hostilities that they battled.

“No, these young people risked their lives so that other nations could live in the same peace and freedom that had taken such deep root in Canada.

“Fierce warriors with tender hearts, rock-ribbed patriots with a sense of international responsibility, these men embodied a greatness that later generations of Canadians have striven to emulate.”


Further Reading: A Vimy Ridge Commemoration

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One Response to “Fierce Warriors with Tender Hearts”

  1. Dan Hilbornon 09 Apr 2010 at 9:18 pm

    Growing up, I heard nothing but awful stories about my grandfather, who died in ’66.

    But three years ago, I obtained his World War One records, an inch thick sheaf, mostly hand-scrawled documents, that showed:
    a) he volunteered for service as a teenager,
    b) was promoted to L.Cpl. before heading overseas,
    c) he served with the 1st Cdn Railway Troops, building the supply lines through France, and
    d) was wounded on three different occasions, the last time just a few days before and a few miles short of the Battle of Paschendaele.

    The documents showed me another side of the man I never knew – he was a Hero!!!

    Thank you for honouring our veterans, Jonathan.

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