May 08 2010

Galloway Gets No RESPECT

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As reported at Nexus, George Galloway has been soundly defeated in Bethnal Green and Bow. He will undoubtedly remain an annoying demagogue, but he will do so without the aura of respectability conferred by membership in the British House of Commons.

Now, how much longer will we have to wait for Galloway to be charged for providing materiel support to a terrorist organization? Perhaps it would have been too unseemly to go after him while he was still an active member of parliament. Those political considerations have changed.

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One Response to “Galloway Gets No RESPECT”

  1. Patrick Rosson 08 May 2010 at 12:39 pm

    I particularly enjoyed Terry Glavin’s recent takedown of Galloway, who insists that he only gave that money to the Gaza Ministry of health.

    Not so. He gave it directly to the head of Hamas, who had already been removed as the Prime Minister of Gaza for his involvement in the tortures and killings of Fatah members following the Israeli incursion into Gaza.

    Galloway is a liar who spent too much time eating cat food on national TV, and not enough time doing his job as an MP. Maybe he thought pandering to Muslims would save him — it didn’t.

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